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We leverage multiple channels to drive qualified traffic that translates into profits.
For effective management of Facebook Ad campaigns that require daily optimization in the dynamic advertising environment, it is crucial to have a competent team overseeing the process. S Software, being a MarTech company, possesses the latest expertise and resources to ensure that your ad investment is utilized optimally.
S Software can help you achieve a comprehensive digital marketing strategy effortlessly with Google’s platforms and tools. From capturing high-intent buyers to retargeting users in the interest phase, and acquiring new customers, Google Ads offer a multitude of capabilities, including Google Search, Shopping, Display, Gmail ads, and more. Our expert team is equipped to maximize the full potential of the Google environment for your benefit.
With TikTok becoming the most visited website on the internet in 2021 deploying an ad strategy on this platform makes sense for most eCommerce brands. Our expert media buying team can help you deploy the needed mix of converting UGC ads alongside the right funnel structure to capitalize on what has become one of the most cost-effective traffic sources in the paid social space.
With new tools such as advanced audience targeting, display and video cross-targeting, as well as creative tools such as video sequencing, Youtube has become a new frontier for digital marketing. EveStar’s blend of machine learning and data aggregation tools allow the team to manage substantial budgets while blending the strategies of Youtube with other digital channels to maximize performance.
Beyond targeting and campaign structure, the most overlooked component of a successful Facebook campaign is the creative deployed. Taking the time to craft the right message and deploy impactful creative is the delta that influences your traffic cost (Facebook charges you as CPM but you influence the CTR through great creative). Let us bring your story to life through the creation of impactful digital ads.
Email marketing should account for close to 50% of your eCommerce revenue. If it isn’t, there’s a high chance you’re leaving money on the table. Evestar’s expertise in email marketing will help you increase revenue through the creation of campaigns, automated email flows, audience segmentation and deliverability monitoring. It’s crucial to keep a healthy email marketing environment and it goes far beyond a pretty image sent to your databases.
Traffic generated from search engines such as Google and Bing are typically highly converting. Search engines are known to value websites that provide quality over those that do not. Evestar’s SEO teams focus is to provide quality resulting in highly targeted organic traffic.
One of the fastest-growing ad platforms since the pandemic hit is Pinterest. Often overlooked in a company’s media mix, Pinterest ads enable us to zero in on users who are actively searching for relevant solutions/inspiration. Traffic cost (CPM model) is currently underpriced, making Pinterest an appealing alternative to the two Facebook and Google giants. Depending on your business, Pinterest can be a good third channel for both prospecting and retargeting, especially if you are predominantly targeting women.
One of the newest frontiers in ecommerce marketing (and one of the most profitable) is UGC. Facebook and TikTok ads would not survive without viral UGC ads today. With user-generated content, potential customers can see an actual person (maybe someone they already follow) using and enjoying your product and giving it a great recommendation in an engaging video that increases your CTR and leads to higher profits.
If your ecommerce store isn’t converting like it should, we can help you bridge the gap to better numbers. Get more value from the people you already have on the hook with conversion rate optimization and increase the percentage of conversions. Our team is creative, and by brainstorming new elements to be added to raise your conversion rate, we can increase your profits with CRO.

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We leverage multiple channels to drive qualified traffic that translates into profits.

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