We help you assess and quantify the IT security risks you face by describing and managing security risks in the context of your business.


We work with you to develop and implement security strategies and roadmaps to reduce the risks that have been assessed, in the areas of fraud, waste, abuse, and corporate compliance.


We help you build and manage your risk programs and provide insight, reporting and ongoing status of risks.

Intelligence-driven Cybersecurity consultation

Security Strategy, Risk and Compliance Services

Our experts and proven frameworks provide deep understanding of business and compliance needs. We can help you assess, reduce, and manage your security risk.

Intelligence Cybersecurity Strategy Zero Trust Security

A zero trust security strategy, which results in a deny-by-default policy and authorization for each connection, can help in an evolving, perimeter-less business environment. But the required scope and impact on multiple security domains can make it challenging to securely connect users, data and resources.
Align your goals and objectives to the framework when you apply zero trust to your organization.
Assess your current state, determine future maturity, and build an actionable roadmap and investment plan.
Enable zero trust across complex, hybrid cloud environments to simplify implementations.
We help simplify zero trust adoption across multiple security domains by comparing security gaps and create an integrated, orchestrated security policy framework.


1- Security information and event management SIEM

Security information and event management (SIEM) has evolved to include advanced analytics such as user behaviour analytics (UBA), network flow insights and artificial intelligence (AI) to accelerate detection. It also integrates seamlessly with security orchestration, automation and response (SOAR) platforms for incident response and remediation. SIEM can be enhanced by consulting and managed services to augment threat management programs, policy management and security staff.
Identify insider threats
Uncover suspicious user activity that may indicate compromised credentials or an insider threat.
Detect advanced threats
Get accurate, real-time threat detection to piece together several seemingly low-risk events to find the high-risk cyberattack underway.
Secure the cloud
Expose hidden risks in hybrid multiload environments and compartmentalise workloads.
Uncover data exfiltration
Correlate exfiltration events, such as insertion of USBs, use of personal email services, unauthorized cloud storage or excessive printing.
Manage compliance
Manage regulatory risk for a variety of compliance mandates, such as GDPR, PCI, SOX, HIPAA and more.
Monitor OT and IoT security
Centralize monitoring for OT and IoT solutions to identify abnormal activity and potential threats.

2- Identity and access management solutions (IAM)

Identity and access management, or IAM, is the security discipline that makes it possible for the right entities (people or things) to use the right resources (applications or data) when they need to, without interference, using the devices they want to use. IAM is comprised of the systems and processes that allow IT administrators to assign a single digital identity to each entity, authenticate them when they log in, authorize them to access specified resources, and monitor and manage those identities throughout their lifecycle.
Build services for nearly every aspect of your workforce and consumer IAM program, from strategy and assessment to managed services for secure stakeholder experiences:

3- Managed infrastructure and
network security services

Our managed security professionals help you assess your current state, determine future maturity, and build an actionable roadmap. You can develop an investment plan for applying the latest security strategies to your organization’s infrastructure, network and endpoints.
Add 24×7 monitoring and response capabilities to your critical infrastructure and network security technologies with the help of our in-house managed security specialists and analysts.
Monitoring and management with advanced analytics through near-real-time data correlation and a single security dashboard for increased visibility. Change management and security policy design available.
Develop mature operational threat intelligence across all environments.
With the help of managed security services, you can rapidly deploy, implement and secure innovative technologies across complex hybrid, multicloud environments.
Monitoring, alerting and support of network intrusion, detection and prevention systems  across the infrastructure to help prevent unauthorized network access and data theft.
Modern endpoint management to protect your end users and their devices from the latest cybersecurity threats.
Around-the-clock endpoint threat prevention, detection and response, fueled by threat intelligence and proactive threat hunting.

4 -Threat Management Services.

Programmatic framework

Gain a 360-degree view of threat management through an industry-proven, comprehensive framework for your organization.

AI and orchestration

Event enrichment, automated analysis and orchestration, enabling rapid threat response,

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