Reeba Samuel

PhD Business Administration

Business Growth Specialist and Advisor

Reeba helps companies, non-profits (especially Christian organisations) and entrepreneurs worldwide with business innovation both technologically and digitally.
Reeba is the co-founder of S Software Limited, a family run business which aims to reach out and help turn businesses with stagnant growth into a road map of success. She is passionate in helping Christian Organisations innovate, market and advance digitally in an ever-changing tech world. She has great connections within the industry, to bring in the latest changes in the market to the clients. Big Tech is trying to take over too many areas of our life and cyber security is an ever-increasing area of concern for many. Not many companies know how to effectively navigate this season. This is where her advice and oversight have helped many companies. Reeba and her team also offers a wide of range of Digital Marketing Strategies that continues to help many companies.
If you need help with reviewing your business reach and growth or need to raise the business profile and profitability, then look no further. Get in touch with Reeba here and explore the possibilities.
“I’m a problem solver and strategist at heart. So regardless of how big or how small your business is, I’ll always help you to grow your business presence with many proven growth hacks, strategies and tech stacks”

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